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(Ongoing Project 2018-2019)

The Time I Can't Save V.1  


Time is a one-way ticket for the future and I am as a Life fragments catcher carry my memories to the future.

Life fragments contain daily detail.

The conversation between people talking.

The random lyrics from the songs from radio, earphone, speakers,

The sound from the phone, computer, street.

Life is talking to you.

Memories will be fermenting.


Living in the two different places enlarge the feeling of time and cultural differences. The main contents of my poetries discuss the time lag between Taiwan and other countries, the daily life between hometown and current location, and the feeling of living with family and living alone. I would like to cross the two-time zone --one is that I am absent, one is that I am in present. I select the sentences from my diaries, notes, and recordings with multiple languages. I pair those sentences together to create conversations. Those conversations and poetries would transform those situations into an atmospheric ambiguity space and a time zone that. Those conversations contents play from the speakers and overlap the time zones together to achieve my idea of ideal living in between two time zones at the same time. “Let the sound traveling recompose the time and space.”



I developed a high interest in the relationship between words, vocals, sound, and music.

Taiwanese people connect parts of our history by layering different languages in our daily conversations. Taiwanese would often throw in Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, Japanese or Korean vocabularies into a sentence in both daily conversations and pop culture. Through expressing my work in multiple languages, I will be able to evoke different interpretations from audience members with varying native languages. This way of speaking sometimes creates an ambiguity between the speaker and the listener, if the word spoken is in a language different from which the receiver is expecting.

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