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To home


Family is an ongoing situation but I don’t attend.

                                                     但 我 沒有參加           

Home, and memories.

家        和    記  憶

I ghosted


Video chat  with family

It is almost reached.



Land number in my brain

Home on my phone


Home on an SD card


Storage limited

保存       期限


Time is stolen.



Home becomes a decoration

     家    變成          裝飾品

Home becomes a flatness

Pictures on the wall.


Time is a one-way ticket to the future.


It is falling into the time lag

I heard the delay announcement.

我聽見       遲到的  宣言

I noted with my left hand

I am trapped in the present.


Pushing or Pulling

Deep Breathing

The house’s door is light.

The smell of life is heavy.


Texture shows on flat screen, the family has been lost.


In the remote tense,

In the small ghost island, the heavy moments wouldn’t vanish.

在那             鬼島              那個 沈重的記憶 無法消失


Only me, and echoes.

只有我      和 我的回音 

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