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Deep Breathing to home


Family is an ongoing situation but I am not present.

Home, family, and memories.

I ghosted

Video chat with family

It is almost reachable/touchable.

It falls into the time lag

Time is stolen.


Home becomes a flatness

Home becomes decoration

Home and family pictures on the wall.

Home on my phone

Land number in my brain


Time is a one-way ticket to the future.

I Heard the delay announcement.

I am trapped in the present.

Push or Pull

Deep Breathing 

The house’s door is light.

The familiar smell of home leaks from the door.

The family life is heavy.


Family’s texture shows on the flatness of the screen, the family has been lost.

In the remote tense,

In the far away small ghost island, the heavy moment wouldn’t vanish.


There is no place like home.

There is no family.

Only me, and echoes.

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