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<The Space I Can't Get In V.2>

The loneliness

The solitude

The unstable living situation

The drunk

The home


How should I situate myself?

What do I have?


Something I can touch every day

Something I can easily have

Something I can hold

Something cheap

Something like garbage


The bottles as body and the body as the container- These parallels the relationship between the feeling of an empty body as vessel and bodies in empty spaces. As a quiet experience, the performance activates the space as a sequence of mumbles; sounds that evoke breath and make absence present. A look into the private personal biography and into our relationship with everyday objects and how they define our social relations with others are revealed in this piece. Drinking helps me face myself, my brain slowing down, my heartbeat and pulse speeding up and my emotions become bodies. A dialog and a dance become familiar, a humming voice that talks back to me and fills the landscape of objects as ruins. A screen of light, as a doorway, delimits the space and breaks it as a mirror that expands into the interior of the piece and of ourselves. This light sets a mood of drone, of closeness and of vibration.


I use bottles and microphones as instruments to create sound for my audiences. The feedback of the room: microphones, speakers and bottles react with the resonance of the space. The different bottles create different tones, harmonies and distortions. They show their individual voices in relation to their shape and materiality. This performance includes hand gestures to create the sounds. I insert and pull out the microphones from my collection of empty bottles and amplify the sound in them, their vibration. The way and the speed I put the microphones in changes the sound it emits. The contact of my body to the objects naturally develops into a composition, a score. The audience can feel the space by experiencing the different aural qualities of sounds, movement and light. The feedback sounds from the bottles present the meaningless mumblings, messages and languages of this set of objects. The experience strives to offer viewers an affective encounter through the body with the objects.



Material: bottles, microphones, amps, mixer, Lightbox, other


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