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© Chin-Ting Huang 

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I am busy dying

I am busy living

Daily objects witness my existence.

The everyday objects I could have.

The relationships between objects and me.

The everyday objects I could hold.

My intimacy

My feeling    

I share with them.                                  


Being solitude for 7 years, I spend my time with objects more than people. Therefore, I have a strong connection with objects. I express my personal connection to objects and the world. I am interested in redefining common everyday objects that reflect or represent the lifestyle. I rescale, remade and reutilize them to express my idea of time, space, and air. I amplify objects through sound, installation, and performance. I use a variety of materials and formats in each project to achieve my own thinking system and language. Recently, I obsess to display my artworks as objects in scenes for my performances and photos. I set the scene as non-specific as possible, yet also familiar to an audience can locate themselves within it.


--  Chin-Ting Huang, 2018

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