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The Space I Can't Get In V.2 

The Space I Can't Get In V.2 


Installation/Sound Performance, bottles, microphones, amps, mixer



The Space I Can't Get In V.2 


Installation/ Sound Performance (bottles, microphones, amps, mixer, light box),



Performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago on Dec. 29, 2017

The Space I Can't Get In V.2


The loneliness

The solitude

The unstable living situation

The inebriated

The home


How should I situate myself?

What do I have?


Something I can touch every day

Something I can easily have

Something I can hold

Something cheap

This series works are sound performance and installation, which seeks to communicate without language in an inharmonious moment. To express complicated feelings of pleasure, a sense of belonging, and loneliness, l use leftover alcohol bottles as surrogate bodies containing language barriers and strangeness of being a foreigner in the USA. A look into the personal consumer activities relationship with bottles to the redefinition of social relations with others. Putting the microphone into the empty bottles catches resonance, echo, and feedback sound. Sounds bounce in the space and change according to the artist's gestures.

It not only evokes the sense of the human presence such as breathing, intimacy feeling, also the sense of composition on the psychological weight, the emotion, and conversation together. Placing the bottles and free-standing light boxes in installation allow me to provide an accessible presence and a parallel universe of absence at the same time to my viewers. Lightboxes create a landscape of objects that lost their function, standing as ruins blurring the distance between the lighted image and material space.

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