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The Space I Can't Get In V.2 (Document video)


Installation/ Sound Performance, bottles, microphones, amps, mixer, variable,13′40″

The Space I Can't Get In V.2 



Installation/ Sound Performance (bottles, microphones, amps, mixer, light box), variable,17′51″

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (2017/12/ 29) 

The Space I Can't Get In V.2.6 


Installation/ Sound Performance (bottles, microphones, amps, mixer), variable, 26′00″

Nail In A Packet, Chicago (2018/05/11)

The Space I Can't Get In V.2


The loneliness

The solitude

The unstable living situation

The inebrated

The home


How should I situate myself?

What do I have?


Something I can touch every day

Something I can easily have

Something I can hold

Something cheap

This series works are sound performance and installation, which seeks to communicate without language in an inharmonious moment. To express complicated feelings of pleasure, a sense of belonging, and loneliness, l use leftover alcohol bottles as surrogate bodies containing language barriers and strangeness of being a foreigner in the USA. A look into the personal consumer activities relationship with bottles to the redefinition of social relations with others. Putting the microphone into the empty bottles catch resonance, echo, and feedback sound. Sounds bounce in the space and change according to the artist's gestures.

It not only evokes the sense of the human presence such as breathing, intimacy feeling, also the sense of composition on the psychological weight, the emotion, conversation together. Placing the bottles and free-standing light boxes in installation allow me to provide an accessible presence and a parallel universe of absence at the same time to my viewers. Lightboxes create a landscape of objects that lost their function, standing as ruins blurring the distance between the lighted image and material space.

The Space I Can’t Get In V.2 是一件從2017年持續至今的聲音裝置表演創作。 藝術家將自己製作的麥克風放入空酒瓶內,以產生內外空間的迴響,並以音響放出使觀者身體直接感受到聲音的震動。如同藝術家與日常物件的相處經驗,作品的聲音會依循場地、藝術家的動作、情緒、瓶子和作曲而轉換。


瓶罐本是容器,人們一般只賦予他們盛載的功能。但通過把麥克風放進瓶罐的行為,激發出新的聽覺體驗,而它們通過自身形體,材質的不同,發出不同的,刺耳抑或是嗡鳴的聲音。聲音時而為一種持續的延遲單音震動在耳,有時為多個聲音齊鳴。 這個感官的體驗與藝術家在一開始試圖化解獨飲行為又產生情感的共鳴。


這些瓶罐本來已經無用,但帶著藝術家的個人生活體驗和私人情感。身體也是一種容器,承載著記憶和感情。通過創造這個聲音表演作品, 藝術家遊走在一個個瓶罐中,讓之發出內心壓抑的呼喊,以聲音打開私領域的情感傳遞並喚起觀眾對被忽視的物品及聲音的關注,與他們分享和交流這些困境感和親密的故事。

Videos edit by Liwei Hu (2018-2020)

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